Carlos A. Pelligrini | MD, FACS, FRCSI (Hon.)

Chairman of the Board, WWAMI Institute for Simulation in Healthcare

The Henry N. Harkins Professor and Chair, Department of Surgery



Scope Of Care
Surgery of the esopahgus, stomach and gall bladder.

Clinical Interests
Minimally invasive surgery. Surgery of the esopahgus, stomach and gall bladder.

English, French, Italian, Spanish




Dr. Pellegrini is a UW professor of surgery and the chair of the Department of Surgery. He is a world-renowned surgeon in the area of esophageal diseases and introduced minimally invasive operations for the treatment of achalasia and gastroesophageal reflux. He focuses his practice in the area of benign and malignant esophageal problems.

Patient Care Philosophy
“I am very interested in developing diagnostic and treatment plans that are centered on patients' values. I listen carefully to my patients' complaints, and I ask many questions about how those complaints affect their lives. I then inform the patient about all alternatives (medical, endoscopic, surgical, etc.) for treatment and advise based not only on the effectiveness of those therapies, but on how I see that they relate to the patient's values.”

“I enjoy seeing patients move through the diagnostic phase, the operation and postoperative period. I am blessed to work in a system that provides me access to the best specialists, and I work closely with them to address all the needs of my patients.”

“My main interest is to provide care to my patients and to create an environment in my department where others can provide the same type of patient-centered care, while pursuing their research in the quest to discover life-saving new procedures.”

Research Interests
Esophageal diseases and the physiology of the esophagus (how it functions and what it looks like when it does not function well).
Education: how to best train the next generation of physicians, what tools work best, how to use simulation to advance patient safety and how to introduce new techniques safely into the world of surgery.

Teaching Interests
All aspects of surgery. He devotes most of his time to training individuals to become "total" doctors, not just surgeons.

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