Looking to Create Your Own Audio/Video Content? WISH can help!

WISH facilities are equipped with a variety of equipment to meet the ever-growing demand for audio and video services for groups associated with UW Medicine and the UW School of Medicine. WISH offers services such as: filming courses for review in post-course debriefing sessions, creating skills-based tutorials and learning modules, providing audio video support to assist with research activities, assisting with live OR video feeds, and constructing sets for events such as distance learning sessions. WISH is constantly expanding its capabilities to stay abreast of technological advances that can help your group achieve its training goals. 

The process for requesting WISH media production services has changed. Requests will now be submitted using the WISH Resource Application process. After submitting, your application will be reviewed by an evaluation panel. Media production requests that are associated with simulations, or courses coordinated with WISH, will be given priority. If you have grant funding to support your production request, you do not need to submit a Resource Application. In these cases, you may contact us directly via phone or email.

While the current version of the application was designed primarily for requesting resources to run simulation courses within WISH, we ask that you use it for media production requests as well. Utilize the text boxes to describe your media needs as best as you can. More information about the application process, as well as the application itself, can be found at the link below. 


WISH Resource Application