Team Collaboration for Organizational Excellence (TeamCORE)

UW has recognized the importance of an ongoing consulting model, TeamCORE, to facilitate teamwork, communication and leadership to hardwire these principles into UW Medicine. TeamCORE, utilizes TeamSTEPPS principles, and provides conflict resolution, measurement and ongoing coaching to meet the needs of the organization.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the UW Medicine TeamCORE Training Team is to develop highly functional and accountable intra- and interprofessional healthcare teams competent in cross-team collaborative practices and communication.

The goals of these teams are to: 

  • Improve patient and family centered collaborative practice
  • Provide the highest quality patient care
  • Attract, train, and retain highly skilled valued employees and team members
  • Improve the economic performance of UW-Medicine through quality and efficiency


To improve team work, team communication and cross team care coordination across all of the work units within UW Medicine to improve patient safety and patient outcomes.


  • Through a strategic priority plan provide education and training of TeamCORE principles to work units’ of UW Medicine and its partners
  • Sustain the ongoing progress of the implementation through the development of a pool of mentors and unit based Master trainers.


To learn more about TeamCORE contact our Clinical Director of Team Performance, Ross Ehrmantraut, RN.