How do I get CVC Certifitied?

Each learner must complete the required online modules via LMS prior to coming in to complete the simulation. These are administrered by the Office of Medical Staffing Affairs (OMSA). If you have questions about the modules, please contact OMSA directly at

Once the modules are complete, WISH encourages individuals in need of certification to identify someone in their own department to serve as proctor. The proctor will be responsible for walking you through the certification checklist and ensuring that everything is done correctly.

Your proctor must meet the following criteria:

  1. From the same department as the individual in need of (re)certification.
  2. The proctor's own CVC certification must be current.
  3. The proctor is of equal or higher training than the individual undergoing certification. For example, a fellow cannot serve as a proctor to an attending.

As soon as you are able to solidify a proctor, please email UWMC WISH ( or HMC WISH ( to schedule a time. Please note, WISH can only provide the CVC kit (with cap, gown, etc), the simulator, and a space for conducting the certification. We do not provide or find you an appropriate proctor from your department.

CVC Online Modules

CVC e-Modules (review only)

CVC e-Modules for Madigan Residents