WISH Program Resourcing Application Process

WISH utilizes a formal intake process for supporting education/training programs. All UW Medicine entities ("internal") that seek WISH resourcing (e.g., space, technician support, equipment, etc.), are required to complete an application for resourcing. Any department/program that will provide its own resources; and/or activities supported by external entities, do not need to submit an application for resourcing, but may be subject to associated course costs/fees. Information about this separate process can be found here.

Internal Requests

The WISH resourcing application is available online (see link below), and completed applications are accepted on a rolling-basis. Once accepted, applicants will be notified and can begin the scheduling process. All existing programs must have an application on file to be considered for the following academic year.


To begin the process, please submit a resourcing application found at:

WISH Resource Application →

To create an application you will be required to login with your UW NetID.

NOTICE: Beginning Fall 2018, WISH is moving to a rolling-review process for all resourcing applications. Please allow 6-8 weeks for official notification.

+Q: Do I need to fill out an application?

Only UW Medicine entities, referred to as internal, will need to fill out an application. All other courses will be considered external, including industry sponsored, and will not have to fill out this application.

Both internal and external processes are described in separate locations.

+Q: I already run a course at WISH, do I need to submit an application?

All courses, new and existing, will need to fill out the application.

+Q: What information is requested on the application?

The application is separated into sections: General Information, Goals & Objectives, Teaching Methods & Assessment, Research (if applicable), and Course Information & WISH Assistance (UWMC & HMC specific only).

+Q: When is the deadline?

Beginning Fall 2018, WISH applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Please allow 6-8 weeks for official notification.

+Q: How are courses and programs reviewed? Are any prioritizied?

All applicants will be reviewed by the WISH Resourcing Application Committee, with resources prioritizied based on alignment with UW Medicine strategic safety priorities. Priority will be given to courses demonstrating need, multi-disciplinary and interprofessional collaboration opporunities.

+Q: I have another question, who do I contact?

Scheduing, Equipment, & Setup Questions:

WISH UWMC (wishuwmc@uw.edu)
WISH HMC (wishhmc@uw.edu)
WISH NWH (wishnwh@uw.edu)
WISH ALNW (wishanw@uw.edu)

Administrative & Programming Questions:

Megan Sherman (shermm@uw.edu)


External Requests

WISH facilities are available for a variety of needs (e.g. educational and training courses, research programs, film and media location, etc.). External and industry sponsored courses are subject to availability, WISH fee, and may require a facility agreement.


External Process

STEP 1: Check Availability

Contact Bridget Kovach to identify available options and place a temporary hold.

STEP 2: Session Prep & Quote Approval

Once a date has been identified, WISH will discuss course space and equipment requirements. A quote will then be developed and circulated for review and approval. Once approved, the calendar hold will become an official booking.

STEP 3: Session Prep Finalized

Following official booking, our technical staff will work with the primary coordinator for logistical planning, course setup, and to ensure all session needs are met.

+Q: What does availability look like?

Subject to availability, external and industry partners may request books during regular business hours (Monday - Friday, 8AM - 5PM), as well as after-hours and weekends. Due to limited availability, we recommend 6-8 weeks advanced notice for scheduling.

+Q: What does the WISH fee include?

The WISH fee includes:
Facility rental
Use of WISH tools & equipment (e.g. lighting, instrumentation, AV equipment)
Onsite technical assistance
Basic personal protective equipment

+Q: I have another question, who do I contact?

Scheduing Questions:
Bridget Kovach (bkovach@uw.edu)

Equipment & Setup Questions:
Pilar Romero (romerop@uw.edu)

Administrative & Programming Questions:
Megan Sherman (shermm@uw.edu)


WISH Scheduling Policies

You may find WISH's policies on scheduling here.