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General Surgery

The following 6 modules cover basic open technical skills and laparoscopic suturing.

We suggest that you go through them in order, and follow along using a knot-tying board, appropriate instruments, suture, and tissue pads. These are available at WISH at UWMC. General Surgery residents on the EVATS rotation may check out kits containing the relevant instruments for practice at home - please ask one of the Institute technicians.

We have developed specific tasks for each of the skills covered in these modules.

For each task there is set of goals. These tasks are in the Open Technical Skills Self-Assessment Test. You should practice each task until you are able to consistently meet the goals. Once you have achieved these goals, you should perform the tasks in front of a senior resident or attending in order to assure yourself that you are following the proper technique. The Open Technical Skills Expert Assessment Test lists the criteria that should be used for the expert review, and serve as a good guide for concentrated practice.

General Surgery residents on the EVATS rotations in the R1, R2, and R3 years must turn in completed self-assessment and expert assessment tests each year. R4 and R5 residents should make themselves available to help coach junior residents and to perform the expert assessment when called upon to do so.





We are working on new bronchoscopy modules and new tests to go with them. Please check back later to learn more about how to perform pneumothoraces and other complications. Until then, please enjoy the current modules below.


PRE/POST Test for the Fluoroscopy with Bronchoscopy video above


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Ultrasound Core Curriculum

These modules are for educational purposes only. If your department requires proof of completion for credentialing purposes, you must view the material on the UW Learning Management System.


UWMC Rounding

UWMC Code Blue Training



Tracheotomy Care Training Video Modules

The following video modules describe how to care for patients with a tracheotomy tube.  There is one set of modules for patients and their families or caregivers, and another set of modules for providers (RNs, RTs, SLPs, APPs, MDs).  The modules can be used on their own, or in combination with simulation tasks to help with learning and retention

Tracheotomy Video Modules For Patients & Family

Tracheotomy Video Modules For Providers