CREST Partners Featured in Medical Training Magazine

Dr. Robert Sweet was recently interviewed by Group Editor of Medical Training Magazine, Marty Kauchak, about the latest updates on The Advanced Modular Manikin™ project. AMM™ is a Department of Defense funded project, driven by the UW Medicine Center for Research in Education and Simulation Technologies (CREST).

The AMM program is creating open-source standards that will allow healthcare simulation and training development groups to build training devices and enabling systems, which are interoperable and unified by the operating system. Dr. Robert Sweet, the AMM Phase 2 principal investigator, reflected on the genesis of AMM and noted: “It was a brilliant and timely move by JPC-1. I think it will allow the healthcare simulation industry to mature and evolve more rapidly as far as leveraging the capabilities of the greater community, rather than being ‘siloed’ within companies or academic labs that have fixed configuration options, different standards and limited functionality.”

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